Our focus this month is on sapphires – the precious blue gems that most are familiar with and the purples, which some prefer, as well as other colours including red, otherwise known as rubies. All those shown (and more colours do exist) are varieties of the mineral corundum.

As with all our collections, quality is of paramount importance. Henn’s philosophy is to aim for perfection, concentrating only on “the best of best”. All our gemstones are therefore natural and untreated, leaving nature to illuminate us with a pure rainbow of choice.

Henn Gems Sapphire yellow appx 366 ct

We are currently offering a spectacular cushion shape yellow sapphire that originates from Sri Lanka. At approximately 366 cts it is, to our knowledge and as we write, one of the largest available on the world market today and exhibits both an exceptionally fine luminescence and a superb tone.

Henn Gems Sapphire blue approx 12 ovalSkipping round the colour spectrum brings us to blue, arguably the most famous sapphire colour. These are also generally considered to be the ultimate choice in terms of blue gems. This exquisite unheated approximately 12 carat precious stone, again from Sri Lanka, displays a highly desirable rich and complex blue with tantalising hints of purple. This supremely covetable sapphire with enveloping tones has been perfectly cut in a traditional oval shape.

Henn Gems Sapphire purple appx 11 caratOur next offering is the 11 carat (approx) purple sapphire pictured above. This exceptional and extremely rare unheated and untreated gem from Madagascar carries an intensely deep purple tone which is remarkable in a precious stone of this size.

Continuing round the colour wheel brings us to red and the ruby featured in our header image which we’ve republished below. Here we have assembled a handful of eminently precious sapphires in the most attractive array of colours, all the more scarce for their size as well as their sought after natural hues.

Henn Gems Ensemble untreated Sapphires_wmClockwise from left: the exquisite 12 carat oval blue sapphire from Sri Lanka that we mentioned above; a stunningly luminous and clear 16 carat (approx) yellow oval sapphire, also from Sri Lanka; a very rare cushion-shaped velvety blue approximately 11 carat sapphire from Burma; a crystal clear 6 carat (approx) oval ruby in just the right shade of red with a hint of purple from East Africa; and finally a hard-to-find remarkably toned and exceptionally clear purple 11 carat cushion-shaped sapphire from Madagascar (as featured above).

These are just some of the outstanding one-of-a-kind sapphires that are available from Henn. To view more from our collection of exceptional pieces, please visit the Gemstone gallery.