We thought you might enjoy a touch of aquatic fantasy in our latest blog and are delighted to present one of our new objet d’art designs, together with a couple of recent favourites to cheer us all through these troubled times.

Henn Gems Sapphire Fish 269 black_r_wm

You’ll already find reference to our sapphire tropical shoal in the gemstone gallery, and we’re now proud to unveil our latest ocean-inspired composition. Coral Reef (see our header image) features a school of delicate fish, hand carved in aquamarine, circling elegantly around a naturalistic chalcedony formation, which is set on an oval rock crystal base. Our mineral white coral reef sways with 18 carat gold algae and scintillating diamond bubbles, these fine details creating an attractively dynamic scene for the aquamarine fish to navigate. This wonderful centrepiece can be viewed from all sides, perfect for a table setting or carefully placed in front of mirror on a mantelpiece or hallway console.

Henn Gems 273 Seahorses Aquamarine Morganite_wm

Enjoy more maritime magic with an equally charmed sculpture featuring the graceful lines of two playful groups of seahorses. These have been beautifully hand carved in morganite and aquamarine, both from the beryl mineral group, with both of these particular gemstones having originated in Brazil. The enchanting seahorse families glide amidst fine blades of 18 carat gold seaweed undulating with diamond bubbles. Anchored beneath this scene a crystallised aquamarine, left in its natural uncarved and uncut state, adds to the watery landscape which is completed by a base of rutilated quartz that reflects ocean floor textures.

Henn Gems 274 Seahorses Z sculpture_l_wm

Our final piece in this alluring collection of seascapes is hand carved by the master himself, Alfred Zimmermann, exclusively for Henn. Five finely detailed seahorses have been exquisitely depicted on both sides of a rare 7990 carat Brazilian aquamarine set on a 4898 carat base of morganite, also from Brazil. 18 carat white and yellow gold and diamonds add definition, form and fluidity to this exceptional collector’s piece.

Henn Gems 274 Seahorses Z sculpture 2_l_wm

Discover more details including dimensions relating to these heritage gemstone sculptures in the objets d’art gallery. You may also enjoy visiting our other galleries where you will find a selection of rare coloured gemstones and bespoke jewels including rings, necklaces, bangles and earrings.

Please note that all dimensions are approximate.