The festive season is upon us which suggests a timely moment to highlight our eminently collectable trio of polar bear gemstone carvings.

All the works featured have been created exclusively for Henn by the highly talented and world renowned master gemstone carver Alfred Zimmermann. You might have spotted the pair of rock crystal polar bears engaged in a play fight (see above) when we posted them in our feature relating to this year’s Munich Show.

Henn Gems Polar bear Rockcrystal

Rock crystal was also used for another collector’s piece, hand carved from a gemstone that originated from the Karakoram mountain range in Pakistan. The slight inclusions of chlorite add a delicate textural richness to both the gemstone itself and the sculpture that it has inspired. Our majestic polar bear stretches gracefully up an iceberg on one side, while the reverse of this piece has been left virtually untouched to reflect the naturalistic ruggedness of an icy landscape.

We complete our polar story with a charming pair of cubs, expertly hand carved by Zimmermann into a rare Brazilian aquamarine that exhibits a superb clarity and tone. The engaging young bears have been depicted in very fine detail, their features and furry coats further emphasized through a blend of matt and polished finishes, their soulful eyes defined by deep sapphire cabochons.

Henn Gems Young Polar bear cubs Aquamarine

These stunning gemstone sculptures amply demonstrates Henn’s talent in blending the very best gemstones with the finest craftsmanship to create rich lifelike interpretations of animals, each imbued with a distinct personality, woven into an engaging sense of narrative. These qualities are precisely why the company’s creations are so coveted and collected by clients across the globe.

To find all the details relating to these pieces please visit our objets d’art gallery.  Please also note our other galleries where you can view more wonders – you might even find the perfect gift to welcome in the new year!