We’re looking forward to exhibiting at La Biennale Paris which is focused on the very best of international art, with galleries showing works drawn from antiquity through to modern day pieces. We will be presenting our customary mix of the very finest gemstones together with unique objets d’art and a collection of Henn of London’s most precious jewels.

Henn Gems Homage to Dali Lobster Telephone_1_wm

Surrealism lives on with ‘The Telephone’, an Homage to Dali, a playful piece by Hans-Jürgen Henn, inspired by one of Dali’s paintings. This masterful and compelling lobster telephone sculpture features numerous beautifully set precious gemstones which form the main body of the work and its dial, together with a swirly base which cleverly suggests the malleability and fluidity in Dali’s surrealist imagery. This is set in pure natural iron, chosen to symbolise the earth itself. This unique original gemstone sculpture measures 320 mm and has been created from rock crystal, various coloured gemstones, diamonds, enamel and 18 ct gold.

Henn Gems Dream in Pink Vase rose quartz_wm

Contrasting with the fine tuned complexity of ‘The Telephone‘ we are showing Hans-Jürgen Henn’s delicate and naturalistic ‘The Pink Dream’ vase, hand carved from rose quartz from Madagascar. This elegant objet d’art is exceptional due to the rare clarity of the rose quartz and its painterly cross crystallisation, which forms an ethereal naturally geometric pattern within the piece.

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As we mentioned in our previous blog outstanding and precious coloured stones are at the heart of everything that we do and our excellent selection at the Biennale will highlight our long-standing expertise in the field with a supreme range of covetable gemstones.

Henn Gems yellow sapphire 36651The most important single gem in our Parisian display is a spectacular unheated yellow sapphire. It originates from Sri Lanka. At 366 cts it is, to our knowledge and as we write, one of the largest yellow sapphires available on the world market today. Don’t miss the opportunity to view this exquisite precious stone on our stand at the Biennale.

Henn Gems Imperial Topaz red 037,65 PS_wmWe will also be displaying a superlative 37 ct Imperial topaz from Ouro Preto, Brazil exhibiting the most desirable reddish orange colour. Cut to a pear shape to enhance its natural form and luminescent tone, this exceptional gemstone offers a depth and clarity which is second to none.

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Henn of London Mandarin garnet pendant s_wm

Henn’s stunning precious stones add to the desirability of Henn of London‘s unparalleled original jewellery designs. Master goldsmith and jewellery designer Ingo Henn and his team have created some exceptional pieces over the years. Amongst recent creations on the stand, seek out their Mandarin Garnet Pendant. Emanating warmth and harmony this unique pendant features a balletic spiral of 15.4ct Mandarin garnets from Nigeria. The precious gemstones, graded by size and shape, lead a luminescent dance encircled by diamonds and fine enamelling in subtly intensifying tones, all set in 18ct yellow gold.

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If you’re in Paris, come and find us on Stand B03 at La Biennale Paris, The Universelle Art Fair,
13 – 17 September 2019. Order tickets on the event website where you will also find a page dedicated to Henn.

Henn Gems at La Biennale Paris 2019