The Celestial Lion is one of the finest recent pieces to emanate from Henn of London’s studio. At its centre lies a world class gem, the starting point for all of the company’s renowned designs.

The first ‘Santa Maria’ aquamarines were discovered in the early 20th century in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Their striking blue colour reminded the devout local community of the purity and heavenly blues associated with the Virgin Mary, and thus the gemstones were given her name, as was the mine where they were sourced in Santa Maria de Itabira.

The very particular blue of Santa Maria aquamarines is considered the perfect shade, neither too light, nor too dark. In the majority of stones this blue is natural and no heating was required in order to bring out or enhance the colour – very few Santa Maria aquamarines have in fact ever been heat-treated.

The mine was at its most productive, in terms of exceptional quality gemstones, from 1934 to 1936 and the Henn of London stone in the rough originates from this period. The Celestial Lion’s rarity is further enhanced because the original gem was one of very few not cut into a traditional facetted stone. It had been kept in a private collection for decades when the Henn family were fortunate enough to acquire it.

The whole piece has been created using the very highest standard of goldsmithing. The pendant is set on a beautifully hand-engraved and elegantly domed back sheet with an articulate connecting loop that links it to its custom designed diamond and white gold necklace.

The combination of unique gemstone and exquisite craftsmanship imbues the Celestial Lion pendant with all the attributes worthy of the very finest in bespoke high end jewellery – another classic Henn of London piece.

Henn of London Celestial Lion pendant in 18ct white gold with hand carved Santa Maria aquamarine “Lionhead” 69 ct, yellow sapphire eye, platinum teeth and diamonds (E/F-vvs) 5.49 ct.