We are delighted to have had our 411.40ct aquamarine selected as Idar-Oberstein’s Deutsches Edelsteinmuseum’s Object of the Month for March 2018. They have described this precious gemstone, which measures approximately 64 x 35 x 22 cms, as “an amazing aquamarine of a unique quality and size“.

The Henn family’s philosophy has always encompassed the view that gemstones are ‘gifts of the universe’, precious pieces that one never actually ‘owns’ but rather curates, nurtures and treasures for future generations. Some of our finest rare gems reside in museums and with discerning institutions, to be enjoyed by a wider audience, while others are cherished within private collections throughout the world.

Having pieces selected for exhibition in the Deutsches Edelsteinmuseum is always an honour and one that we value all the more for it being a local. If you’re in the area it is a great little museum and well worth a visit. You can view a comprehensive selection of minerals and precious stones from all over the world, learn about the region’s history and explore the history of gem cutting.